Financial and business advisory 

You want to reduce business risk, improve performance, create added value and thus ensure its growth and development? ASW audit & advisory with his team of professionals can assist in achieving the set goals.

For companies that want to achieve growth by buying other companies we perform diagnosis of conditions (due diligence), which means detailed and special checks of the financial operations of companies that are the subject of acquisitions. The aim is that the customer has a true and accurate picture of the company’s business that is planning to take and to understand the potential risks and benefits of potential acquisitions.

ASW audit & advisory provides services in area of assessment of capital and assets. Adequate assessment of capital and assets can ensure appropriate price in takeover transactions. Whatever the reasons for assessing, our team is ready to provide our customers high-quality and supporting conclusions for making the right decisions.

We are helping our clients to prepare business plans, and thus understand how much are theirs business ideas attractive and feasible. A good business plan is essential in the process of attracting potential investors and for loans or donations.

Your business has fallen into a problem? Your company does not serve liabilities on time and that makes your company unable to continue its operations? By assembling pre-packaged plan of reorganization we ensure, with a high probability of success, that our clients continue their business lives and return to the track of success from previous years. The experience of our employees working on the reorganization of companies of different activities and profiles guarantee the successful recovery of your company.

Financial and business advisory services provided by our team of professionals are given below:

  • Financial diagnostic test (due diligence)
  • Preparing of pre-packaged plan for reorganization,
  • Capital valuation,
  • Company Valuation,
  • Creating a Cash-flow statements and projecting future cash flows,
  • Making actuarial calculation,
  • Business plans.