Auditing of financial statements and similar services

In today’s era of modern business operations adequate and timely information is the most powerful weapon in conquering markets and increasing profits. For this reason of great importance to investors, creditors, business people and other stakeholders are the financial statements of their companies, their competitors and companies in which they want to invest their money.

The reliability of financial statements of such companies certainly gives the auditor’s report, which represents a neutral and objective opinion on whether the financial statements are true and accurate. Financial reports gain in value, and the information contained in them is becoming more reliable with performing auditing.

ASW with our team provides the following audit services:

  • Audit of Financial Statements – mandatory and voluntary audits of financial statements. An audit of annual financial reports is mandatory in accordance with the Law of Audit of the Republic of Serbia. Voluntary audit is carried out in accordance with a client’s request in order to satisfy their own needs. Both types of audits are performed in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and ASW methodology which is a guarantee of the highest level of assurance in veracity and objectivity of financial statements;
  • Review of Financial Statements – service of review of financial statements allows a client to realize the potential existence of problems in its financial operations before the problems become bigger;
  • The compilation of financial statements – compilation of complex financial reports for the special needs of the client and the projection of future goals and figures;
  • Agreed upon audit procedures – audit of the specific parts of the financial statements with a focus on specific balance sheet items. In accordance with the needs of the client ASW performs an audit of segments of the financial statements, such as working capital, fixed assets, liabilities, receivables or other special items in the income statement. Our team can meet any client’s special requests;
  • Audit of special financial statements – at mergers, divisions and separations of companies we audit financial statements that are incurred as a result of the status change with a recommendation for the correction of errors. The results of our work are true and fair financial statements and satisfied sides in mentioned business operation;
  • Audit of forecasted financial statements – in order to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits needed for some business operations it is essential that clients project their financial statements which would be submitted to regulatory authorities. The reliability of projections and arguments, which are used as a base for projecting financial figures, need to be confirmed by independent auditing;
  • Audit of grants and projects – funds received from donors for the implementation of certain projects must be expended in accordance with the approved budget and justified through an independent audit of financial statements at the end of the project;
  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the budgetary accounting – audit of financial statements of budget users is carried out in accordance with the Law on State Audit Institution. All budget users are obliged, because of insufficient capacity of the State Audit Institution and the inability to audit all budget users, to select an audit company that will audit their financial statements.