Auditing of financial statements

In today’s era of modern business operations adequate and timely information is the most powerful weapon in conquering markets and increasing profits. For this reason of great importance to investors, creditors, business people and other stakeholders are the financial statements of their companies, their competitors …

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Tax consulting services

Taxes are always in the center of interest from the standpoint of state institutions and the taxpayers. On the one hand, the interest of the state authorities is to collect the largest possible amount of taxes for functioning of the state, while on the other hand the interest of taxpayers is to have correct calculated and paid taxes…

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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is in the focus of tax authorities as an inevitable consequence of the global economic development and the emergence of large multinational companies which operate in a number of countries through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Why is transfer pricing attracting the attention of the tax authorities? On one hand, the pursuit of tax authorities to collect …

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Accounting services and reporting

Adequate and timely information is the most lethal weapon in conquering the market and business development. The dynamic business environment, which are often followed by changes in accounting rules and regulations, opening up new business opportunities if you have timely financial information…

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Financial and business advisory

You want to reduce business risk, improve performance, create added value and thus ensure its growth and development? ASW audit & advisory with his team of professionals can assist in achieving the set goals. For companies that want to achieve growth by buying other companies we perform diagnosis of conditions …

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